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Arlington Slab Leak Repair – Perma-Pier Plumbing Repair Of Texas. Perma-Pier Plumbing Repair of Texas.

Arlington Slab Leak Repair – Perma-Pier Plumbing Repair Of Texas

Foundation Leak Detection and Repair in Dallas and Fort Worth

Perma-Pier Plumbing Repair of Texas is the sister company of Perma-Pier Foundation Repair of Texas. Perma-Pier Foundation Repair of Texas has been in operation, repairing residential and commercial foundations since the early 1990’s. The most common source that cause foundations to fail is moisture; either too much, or too little. With every home and every property being offered a Lifetime Transferable Warranty on foundation repairs, it was important to Perma-Pier Foundation Repair of Texas to find a plumbing company that had our company’s, and our client’s, best interests at heart.

Since Perma-Pier Foundation Repair of Texas offers a Lifetime Transferable Warranty it is responsible for warranting the life of those piers as long as the structure stands. We have a financial and ethical obligation to make sure the foundation repairs hold and function as they are supposed to. With all the plumbing companies out there offering general services, like hot water heater replacement and stopped up sewer lines, Perma-Pier Foundation Repair of Texas felt like we needed a plumbing company that would be specific only to foundation slab leaks.

In 2012, we developed and started Perma-Pier Plumbing Repair of Texas out of the necessity to protect our foundation warranties as well as protect our most important investment, our clients. Perma-Pier Plumbing Repair of Texas specializes in one thing, Foundation Leak Locating and Leak Repair. We have spent years finding, and training, our unique group of plumbers to be the true Foundation Slab Leak Experts in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. We don’t market ourselves to the general public, we focus solely on our only clients, the customers of Perma-Pier Foundation Repair of Texas.

With our group of highly technical leak locating experts, we can make sure that your foundation repair investment is covered for life and that your warranty remains in full effect. Don’t let an unknown plumbing leak cause your expensive foundation repair to fail, let Perma-Pier Plumbing Repair of Texas accurately test and remedy your moisture issues before it’s too late.

Hidden leaks are a real problem that can do extensive damage to the structure of your home or building. It takes a blend of expert specialists and equipment to detect these damaging hidden leaks and repair them properly not only correcting the problem, but saving gallons of water lost by leakage.

While leaks are often found in older properties, newer properties can have slab leak problems as well. Poor construction or corrosion, and in many cases, movement in the structure can cause unexpected pipe damage at any time. If left undetected, the problem threatens property and makes repairs more costly.


Slab leaks are either domestic water leaks or piping leaks in the sewer system found inside or beneath a concrete slab, which a home, business or industrial facility is built upon.

Slab leaks can be a major problem in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metro area due in part to the content of clay in the Texas soils. Clay soils expand and contract based upon water in the soil. Extreme heat and no rain can cause the ground to contract or shrink. Large amounts of rain, or a water leak, can cause the ground to swell and the underground piping to crack or break.

Some of the causes of these damaging leaks, aside from the soil, can be older cast iron pipes, which can corrode or rust over time, causing leaks and expensive water bills. This is common in homes built prior to the mid 1970’s. With newer construction built on concrete slabs, movement of the foundation can create a break in the slab causing pipes to break. Another issue can be tree roots that can penetrate and damage water and sewage pipes as well. Foundation repair or adjustments can cause damage to the pipes and seals between pipes. It is always beneficial for you to have your plumbing checked before and after any foundation repairs. These are some of the more common issues that can arise causing slab and substructure leaks.


PERMA-PIER PLUMBING REPAIR OF TEXAS uses the most advanced electrical leak locating equipment available. This equipment allows us to locate leaks found within or beneath a concrete floor or slab. Electronic detection is used on slab leaks to avoid catastrophic property damage. Beware of companies that use “hunting” method for slab leak detection. This is done with jackhammers and similar demolition tools in locating leaks causing unnecessary destruction to a home or building. Slab leaks on residential water piping or heating system are easily repaired once the exact location is detected with master plumbing leak detectors saving money and time.

Slab Leaks in Arlington


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